+ How white light helps me +

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing the words white light pop up everywhere....

…on random signs, in my reading, online, in photos, on the back of a car, just everywhere.

A few days back, I even saw the term white light pop up in my journal from about 9 years ago. At this time of my life, I had just started actively seeking out books, courses, people, and resources to help me change. As I read my journal, it surprised me that I had an idea to start a business called White light. I intended to send positive messages through clothing, food, body care products etc. While I have very little recollection of this, the idea must’ve been lying unconsciously in my brain, waiting to be brought to life, because Puhi and Toa is a very similar concept.

With all this white light talk appearing, I decided to share this concept in my blog.

So what is white light??? 


There are multiple meanings for it, but this is my understanding and definition.

White light is a healing energy. When a person decides they want to change in a positive way, it is white light that can help them in this transition. White light is used only to do good. It is what leads people to new information, healing modalities, love, peace, and joy; this may be in the form of mediation, karakia, counselling, rongoa Māori, nature, yoga, tapping, whakapapa, nutritious food, exercise, western medicine, affirmations, scripture and so on. The list is endless.

It is my understanding that our Creator has given us numerous healing modalities to support with healing and well-being. If you’re Christian, you can also think of white light as the light of Christ. In the beginning stages of my healing journey, I was closed to the idea of religion, so I didn’t acknowledge Christ as the source of this white light. However, I drew on this power to seek out good things. I sought ways of being and seeing the world in a positive light.

Not too far down the track, I was led back on a path where I am now a strong believer in Jesus Christ and his light. Everyone has access to this light, regardless of your religion or philosophy on life. 

If you feel stuck, use this white light to guide you. Be open to things of a spiritual nature. Science and research continually show us that the "unseen" aspects of the world have a huge impact on us, whether we are aware of it or not.


It's also important to understand that every person can be led to the healing solutions that are right for them. You may understand this as intuition, wairua, or spirit guiding you. Take time to be still enough to hear this guidance in your life.


Seek things that will help you to heal and become a better person. Ask God, ask the Universe, ask Nature, ask Nga Atua, whatever source it may be for you, to guide you to a better place and space right now. Trust that the right people, resources, and experiences will turn up for you. 


Hauora (health & wellbeing) is holistic. That's why I love Te whare tapa wha as a model for wellness. It helps us understand there are multiple elements that enable us to thrive and live well:


Hinengaro (Mind)

Tinana (Body)

Whanau (Family)

Wairua (Spirit)

Whenua (Connection to land and nature)


When we can develop and nurture all of the above, we start seeing the positive changes we desire.  

I have no doubt that if you continue seeking out the good in life, you'll find exactly what you need. Keep being persistent and your life will change exponentially. It most definitely has for me and millions of others.



  • Just what I needed to read ..bless you

    Kelly sloane
  • Tino pai e hine…beautiful words beautiful concept beautiful taonga with a beautiful future ahead.

    Terimoana gilgen
  • Thank you for sharing your white light Julia. You help many heal through your faith in Christ. Arohanui x

    Natasha Heperi
  • I had visions, impressions and heard voices. My own inner spirit /intuition guided me. Wearing white and walking through a temple with others wearing white. Not like the temples today, but a very ancient temple 🙏 experiencing that led me to the gospel. Very powerful

    Rawiri Waretini-Karena

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