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Ko Poroporo te marae

Nau mai haere mai!  Welcome to Puhi & Toa. Puhi means women of high rank and toa means warrior.  Our brand is all about helping people to see the innate greatness within themselves.  We offer a message of empowerment and hope.

We are a mother and son setting out to make a difference in the world.  Our goal is to produce beautiful gifts and packages that lift peoples' spirits. Alongside this, we are providing educational workshops in the area of mental wellbeing and emotional release/healing services.  Our goal is to reach children, rangatahi, and adults throughout the motu and help them to understand their greatness and potential.

Having both had our own challenges surrounding mental distress, we have found that through giving back to others and focusing on our strengths, we can feel more joy in our lives. Also having whanau, friends, and a community that help build us, support us, and look past our weaknesses, is what helps us to grow and heal. Having designed a lot of these products ourselves, we encourage people to practice the creative process. This may be in any form e.g drawing, carving, dance, writing, music, program design, and so on. It has been hugely beneficial for our growth and development.

You are welcome to follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram. Please make contact if you feel our kaupapa aligns with yours in some way.  We can chat. Arohanui, Julia & Manaiah.