Coaching Empowerment Services


Ko wai au? Who am I?

He uri au no Ngati Awa, No Ngati Maniapoto, No Te Atihaunui-a-Pāpārangi.

Ko Julia Merania Wikeepa tōku ingoa.

Kia ora, my name is Julia Wikeepa. I am of Māori decent on my fathers side and English & Dutch on my mothers side. I love and value both sides of my heritage.  I am also a descendant of our loving creator, God.

Why do mental & emotional transformation work with me?

I'll be honest, I haven't lived a squeaky clean path. I am a real person, who has real struggles. I believe I can connect with people on a deeper level because of my experiences. 

I've struggled with addiction, eating disorders, low self-confidence, financial struggles, relationship issues, anxiety, depressive states, parenting, phobia of public speaking, perfectionism, and shame. I've felt dumb, hopeless, lonely, had criminal records, and constantly felt like I was not worthy or good enough. However, I've learnt that my past experiences and behaviours:

Don't define me, but they can refine me!

Once I discovered this, my life changed in leaps and bounds.

Over the last 10 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on personal development books, courses, and retreats to help better myself and others. I have a Bachelor of Social Sciences, double majoring in Psychology and Human Resource Management which has enhanced my understanding of the brain and our cognitive functioning. I am continuously learning and expanding my knowledge in the area of well-being and emotional intelligence.

I have learnt tools and modalities that have transformed my life and so many others. It is my calling to serve those who are looking for an absolute transformation of the mind, body and soul!

I'm here to support you on your journey. I'm here because I know 100% that you can transform your life.

What approach do I use when it comes to empowerment & well-being? 

While I find value in many schools of thought, my heart is drawn to indigenous models of wellness. Te Whare Tapawha (hinengaro/mind, tinana/body, whanau/family, wairua/spiritual, whenua/land) is a holistic framework for well-being that I love; all of these components make the whole. When one area is not getting enough attention, the other areas of our life start to suffer.

I believe we are spiritual beings. This is something that is often overlooked when it comes to mental well-being. Hence, part of my practice is to help people uncover their taha wairua (spiritual side) and encourage them to tap into their own guidance system. Hauora (well-being) is about having balance in every area of life. It's also about learning to love every bit of ourselves, even the challenging parts.  

Why is emotional release/healing work so powerful for transformation? 

Emotional trauma begins in childhood. We develop limiting beliefs about ourselves through our upbringing and the experiences we have. The two most common limiting beliefs are "I am not good enough" or " I am not worthy." A child might come to this conclusion for various reasons. Whatever the experience or reason is, we attach meaning to these events. The meaning we create is usually a negative and false idea of who we are and what we're worthy of. The thoughts and emotions we have about ourselves can trigger deep pain and discomfort. It's common to try and run away from pain or hide it. 

When we are willing to acknowledge the discomfort and move through it, we start having massive transformational shifts in our lives.  However, most of us stay stuck.

As time progresses, we often try to stuff our feelings down by doing mind numbing activities e.g overeating, substance abuse, pornography, social media, overworking, or whatever it might be that can temporarily distract us or prevent us from feeling pain. We then store the limiting beliefs and emotional pain in our subconscious mind and body. 

If you are noticing the same "negative" behaviours and patterns reoccurring in your life, then this may resonate with you on some level.

Perhaps you keep having fallouts in your relationships? 

Maybe you keep missing out on or avoiding promotions and opportunities that could enhance your life? 

Perhaps you keep on dieting and just can't seem to release all the extra weight you are carrying? Or maybe you do "lose" weight temporarily and gain it all back.

It could be an addiction that you just can't seem to kick?

Maybe you're feeling stuck and confused?

Whatever it might be, you are unconsciously holding onto limiting beliefs that are holding you back, not matter how hard you try to change. 

The good news is, when we release these limiting beliefs and unpleasant emotions that we've been holding onto for so long, we start seeing changes quicker than we ever imagined possible.

What modalities do you use for mental & emotional healing work?

Many of these modalities are cutting edge and people are having the most amazing transformational experiences! This is not a one size fits all approach. I understand that everyone is unique and responds differently to healing modalities. It's about finding tools that work for YOU! 

- The T.E.A.R technique (Emotional release process) 

- 10 point priority test (Kinesiology) 

- Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA Tapping)

- The Universal Laws 

- Breathwork (Emotional release work)

- Ho'oponopono (Emotional release)

- Strength based Training

- Ego vs Higher Self Training

- Music & Nature

- Movement/Exercise

- Meditation

- Reprograming the mind:

- Affirmations and Visualisation

- Subliminal and Hypnotherapy work

- Neuro Linguistic programming


What services do I offer?

One-on-one Emotional Therapy/Coaching Sessions

I can assist you in a process of transformation through one-on-one sessions. I would recommend at least 4 sessions, however, you are not locked in at all.

I can assist with the following:

-Life coaching


-Eating disorders

-Weight loss


-Relationship challenges

-Parenting for children experiencing challenging behaviours


-Moving past fear to create the life you want

-Building confidence

-Public speaking phobia

When you feel you have the confidence to take this information and fly, then go for it. This is what I would encourage. I will set you up with all the tools needed to continue your journey successfully. I don't believe in a long-drawn-out process. However, we can do the work for as long as you need. I am here as a support person, it is you that does the real work.

4 Week Emotional Transformation Programme

A life-changing 4-week intensive programme that is designed to shift emotional trauma & limiting beliefs. You decide what area of your life you want to transform and I provide cutting edge tools and guidance for getting there. I have a holistic, compassionate, and gentle approach and know that it takes huge bravery & courage to decide to step into your true light. This is not a service where we try to fix you, we help you to see your higher self in a moving and powerful way. 

Alongside the programme, you will receive a custom made plan (I use kinesiology to help with this) and one-one-emotional release sessions to help shift energy on a cellular and subconscious level. 

Each week you will be given videos to watch, worksheets, various exercises and challenges, & homework to submit. The estimated time to complete the tasks will be approximately 2 hours per week (ideally more, depending on your schedule). The one-on-one emotional release facilitation will be approximately 40 minutes per week.

Please remember, you are learning & setting up habits and practices that are transforming your life. Be gentle on yourself and  enjoy the journey.

Get in touch for more information on this programme.

“The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself." Tony Robbins


"We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what's wrong in your life, or you can focus on what's right." Marianne Williamson.


"I had recently availed the Emotional Release Service from Julia and am extremely happy with the session. Julia is extremely gifted, understanding and intuitive. The whole process was smooth and I am looking forward to implementing the guidance given by her. Much love and gratitude." Moyena P. 

"I found the session with Julia most helpful at identifying my limiting beliefs that I have carried since my childhood and learning to let go of these and look back at my past with compassion. I found the session useful and had breakthroughs where I felt I needed that healing process as we touched on a number of areas in my life that I had no idea I hadn’t let go of and those beliefs and how they impact my life today. Julia made me feel at ease throughout the session and I found her very personable. I would highly recommend her. " Marrisa P. 

" Thank you so much Julia for an amazing session. I was able to work through some really hard stuff and rediscover a part of my life that I chose to forget. You were so patient and nurturing through our session making it really easy to be comfortable. My heart is open now and I feel more at ease to express myself. Thank you so much Julia." Destiny H.