Mental Health/Hauora Workshops

What services do you offer?

Puhi & Toa offer workshops in the area of hauora/wellbeing. Julia has a holistic approach and uses Te whare tapa wha as a model for wellbeing. We break down wellbeing through the tinana (body), whanau (family), wairua (spirit), hinengaro (mind), and whenua (land). The workshops are engaging, interactive, and fun. They cater to all audiences, particularly to rangatahi.  We are very open to developing courses that can meet your organization's needs.

Why chose Puhi and Toa?

Having lived experienced with mental distress, Julia understands the struggles that many people face on a daily basis.  It is through personal experience and overcoming many of her own struggles that she has gained tools and resources to help others achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.   

Julia has a Bachelor of Social Sciences, double majoring in Psychology and Human resource management. During her studies she was drawn towards indigenous psychology, community psychology and all models that focus on empowerment. The content is strength based and steers away from the traditional approach which implies that people need to be fixed.  

Julia has experience presenting workshops to adults, youth/rangatahi, and organisations throughout the North Island. She caters to multiple learning styles through the use of video, music, discussion, visuals, object lessons, games, smells, and technology.

Puhi and Toa can also teach and facilitate lessons from the Mental Health education and Hauora: Teaching interpersonal skills, resilience, and wellbeing manual. This is a new manual that has been published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research for schools.

What type of workshops do you offer?

Reducing stigma and discrimination around mental distress (50 min)

The power within - Overcoming internal barriers (50 min) 

Rewire your brain for wellbeing (50 min)

Boosting confidence for youth (50min) 

You are a Taonga Series (x5 workshops 50min each)


Travel outside of Tauranga will be an additional cost. Please make contact to inquire further about our services.

Email or call 027 6965 970.