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Puhi Aroha Package - Love + Peace + Healing

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Puhi (princess) & Toa (warrior) plushies are symbolic of the greatness held inside each and every person. They are a message of empowerment and hope. Every time the owner sees their plushy, we want them to remember they are special, unique, and great!

A Rose Quartz stone is attached to this  Puhi plushy. These are the special energies that come with your plushy: 

  • Opens one up to truly giving and receiving love
  • Dissolves emotional wounds, resentment, and fears
  • Restores trust and harmony in relationships
  • Helps to comfort in times of grief

While holding the Rose Quartz stone, repeat the following affirmations daily: I give and receive love freely, I am at peace with everything in my life, I have great relationships.

I’m small enough to carry around in a bag, attach me to a backpack, hang me from the car mirror, place me under a pillow, or put me in your pocket. 

Included in the package:

1 Puhi Plushy, 1 Rose Quartz Stone, 1 Card - Puhi & Toa meaning, 1 Card - Gemstone meaning, 3 x chocolate hearts, 1 x 100 gm Chocolate block, packaged with aroha.