Kuini Strength & Protection Package

Kuini Strength & Protection Package

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Puhi (princess) & Toa (warrior) plushies are symbolic of the greatness held inside each and every person. They are a message of empowerment and hope. Every time the owner sees their plushy, we want them to remember they are special, unique, and great!

A Tiger eye stone is attached to this plushy. These are the special energies that come with your chosen plushy:

The Tiger eye stone is all about owning your power.  It helps to bring out your courage and self-confidence. You have the power within you to move past your fears, stress, anxiety and anything that is holding you back from achieving your desires.  It will help you to shift your perspective so you can move forward.  Whenever doubt or fear kicks in, use the energy of the Tiger Eye to help you focus on your true self. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. 

The Tiger eye helps to:

  • Solve problems and dissolve negative emotions.
  • Provide power needed to bolster courage and pursue new adventures.
  • Shift your perspective in order to allow for growth.
  • Develop strength, passion, and determination.

While holding the Tiger eye stone, repeat the following affirmations daily: I am powerful, I am strong, I am determined to achieve my desires. 

I’m small enough to carry around in a bag, attach me to a backpack, hang me from the car mirror, place me under a pillow, or put me in your pocket. 

+ Dream Catcher +

Dream catchers represent protection.  The indigenous peoples of America believe they direct good dreams and deflect bad dreams from the person.  Not only are they known to deflect bad dreams, but they are a totem representing good energy. We can also use them as a reminder that our tupuna whom have passed are always watching over us and protecting us.

Included in the package:

1 Plushy, 1 Tiger Eye Stone, 1 Card - Puhi & Toa meaning, 1 Card - Gemstone meaning, 3 x chocolate hearts, 1 x mini dream catcher, 1 x 100gm Chocolate, packaging.